The Story Behind The Collection

Music from the collection

The name of this collection comes from the feeling of being a wild bird that was trap and forgotten in a cage while married. A bird that was taken away from her environment and everything that she knew to an known ecosystem. 

Eleutheromania, is a desperate call for freedom from what is right or wrong for the society, from the expectations towards a recently married woman, and the result of a deep clinical depression.

After the research of the position of outstanding women in similar situations, as well as the status of women in the society through the beginning of human civilization, through books like: “The Second Sex” of Simone de Beauvoir. I couldn’t stop thinking about the feeling of freedom.

The name of each bag represents the language spoken by different men, that along the way have helped me to discover a new part of myself, with the exception of the language spoken by the one who started a massive and deep change in my life, the one who originated the feeling of the collection.

Life is about cycles, that never go too far from from its own essence. I used the shapes that not only represent the cycle of reusing. But it are also shapes that can be found on the sacred geometry of the Earth, as its said by researchers and writers: “Our entire planet contains a magical geometry”.