The Brand

A DOIZPE bag won’t be just your favorite and trendy bag but also your proudest bag because DOIZPE, is conscious about how much the fashion industry affects our environment and the importance of being responsible with the labor behind each accessory. Therefore, DOIZPE creates bags that are meant for lasting.

The materials used on the bags are responsible with the environment, as the factory that produces them, reuses 70% of the water used on the creation of the materials. The leather bags for now use 50% vegetable leather, with the goal of finding local solutions to reduce and finalize the use of chrome.

The designer highly enjoys to meeting and spending time with the people who help producing the bags, as much as she loves empowering women and preserving crafting techniques from Mexico. As a result, DOIZPE bags are made with the collaboration of native women from Mérida and Campeche for the crafts and with artisans from Guadalajara for the labor.